I am a Japanese ceramicist based in London.

In Japan, before coming to London in 2000, I was working in life-style shops from my strong interest in all sort of things around house keeping, especially tableware and kitchen utensils after the study in home economics at Kyoto Women's University. 

I started making ceramics at Kensignton and Chelsea college, and continued at City Lit and then at University of Westminster. For the two diploma/degree shows, I made installations with slip-casted and hand-built house shape objects, the one with the theme of recycling (2007), and communication (2008). 

My throwing on the potter's wheel began in 2013 when I got a wheel. Since then I gradually started making functional ware. At the same time, my interest/knowledge relating to cooking and dining has been getting wider during my life in the multi-cultural city, London. My interest has become more about the relationship between the shape and design of the tableware and the food culture, mainly in Japan and UK but also in some other countries. 

My inspiration comes from the archeological artefact, everyday product, the form in the nature as well as the materials and the processes in ceramics.